Audi has used CES 2021 to show off their RS E-Tron GT (launched with a pre-production version late last year). This is Audi’s take on the Porsche Taycan platform and, like the Porsche, is pipped to make Tesla’s Model S redundant. 

A whisker slower than the R8 Performance that graced the EFTM Garage last year, the RS E-Tron GT turns scenery into a blur all while cosseting four passengers and emitting zero emissions. The RS E-Tron’s ability to dispatch the 0-100kph sprint in 3.5 seconds and thunder (er, silently) down the quarter mile in around 11 seconds is bloody impressive.

Putting this into perspective, it is just a second or so slower than a McLaren P1 or a Dodge Hellcat Demon. However, it is also slightly slower than that pesky Tesla Model S, although I suspect the Audi to be a much, much better built and accomplished car than the Tesla. 

Of course, such spectacular performance puts me in a quandary – surely the environmental advantages of electric power are neutralised if you regularly access this type of performance. Still, I guess if you have access to plentiful clean energy from which to charge your E-Tron then maybe it isn’t.

Still, I can’t help but think I would plumb for, say, the truly magnificent RS6 Avant and it’s cracking V8 or the R8 Performance and its wailing V10 AND a little PHEV or BEV for running down to the shops in. The RS E-Tron can provide a simulated V8 soundtrack matched to your throttle response if you like, but that’s not really the same, is it?  

Let me know what you think. Am I missing the point of super high performance luxury EV? 

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