Ok, so if Google does follow through with their “last resort” threat to exit the search business in Australia because of the Government’s new Media Code regulation, how on earth will we find things on the internet? Here are your Alternatives to Google Search in Australia.

As outlined in my ramblings about the media code, Google has threatened to Exit the search business in Australia – I’d suggest this means that Google Mail, Google Apps, Google Photos, and many more Google services would continue to operate, however you’ll either get a no entry page at Google.com or you’ll get International only search results and advertising.

Quite possibly they could just exclude news from the results too.

Either way, it’s not search as we know it.

So, what can we do, what can we use now to change our habits and be ready for any vast changes in the way Google works, and just free ourselves a bit from the power of the giant that is Google.

I’m going to keep this really simple. There are many, but I think there are two worth looking at.

Even within Google’s own Chrome browser, it’s possible to change the default search engine. You do this by entering the settings (Three dots top right of the window)

Choose Settings, then Search Engine

Here you can choose from a simple drop down box a couple of options to test.


Bing is the ultimate rival to Google. Sadly, it’s never made any amazing headway into the search market. But it’s good!

Owned by Microsoft, it operates in much the same way.

I’ve used it now for several days, and noticed no difference, other than the layout is a change for my eyes.

I’m getting to where I need to go, and finding the things I need to find. I think it’s well worth trying out!

Duck Duck Go

This is a bit more fascinating. Duck Duck Go is in many ways the same as Google and Bing, in fact some of it’s search is based on Bing, but it also has it’s own index.

The REAL advantage of Duck Duck Go is that it’s private.

Not because you’re searching for naughty stuff, but because all the others track you around the web, build a profile of you and that all is starting to really freak people out.

Worth a shot

What about Alternatives to Google News

Given this is the contentious issue, let’s think again about how we get and search for news.

Firstly, use News Site apps.

You know which sites you love or visit most, find their app, install it.

I use 9news (App Store / Google Play) and I get notifications of the biggest or breaking stories, and all the news is easy to fine.

There are apps for newspapers, TV stations the whole lot. Start going direct, be more informed that way.

News Aggregators

For Apple users, Apple News is an awesome aggregator of content even EFTM is there:)

Alternatively, and popular on Android is Flipboard. Similar concept, been around for ages, well worth a look, like your own personalised newspaper.