Lockly is a brand of smart locks that have been around for a few years now and are sold locally through Bunnings. At this years virtual CES, they have announced two new products, the Lockly Guard and the Lockly Duo.

One of the products I’m keen to seek out each year I’m lucky enough to attend CES, is a smart lock for a sliding door. Most smart door locks are made for a traditional door but this year I found one from Lockly. The Lockly Guard is made for sliding and swing style French doors and comes with both a keypad, fingerprint reader and can also be opened from the Lockly smart phone app. The only requirement for the network enabled access is the need for a wi-fi hub that’s sold separately.

The Lockly Guard is priced at $US499 (approx $740 AUD) with an expected release date toward the middle of 2021.

The second product announced by Lockly is the Duo that combines the deadbolt and latch into the one smart lock.  The Duo also comes with the dual keypad and fingerprint reader and with the wi-fi hub sold separately, it too can be connected to your network to allow smartphone access from anywhere. The built-in deadbolt and latch provides a much more unified look that allows the user to completely change their door hardware in one go.

What I like about the Lockly products is they operate very similar to a traditional door lock, without the need for wi-fi or app for each access. For the Duo, simply lift the latch upwards to activate the dual locking technology, simultaneously locking the deadbolt and door handle. The Duo is likely to be available in the early part of 2021 for $399 USD (appxox $510 AUD).

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