Kids are the most creative among us, they love to draw, act out stories, create worlds with their toys or just with cardboard boxes – so if you’ve got kids, you’re going to want to check out Toontastic 3D from Google – it’s an interactive creative story studio for Apple and Android devices.

The app is one giant template, ready to go and allow you to create the most simple or complex stories you want.

Here’s one I prepared earlier.

Lame, yes. Simple. Yes.

I created that from start to finish in about 3-4 minutes.


You open the app, choose a scene (there are a bunch of default scenes like a school classroom, space, pirate ship etc – or you can draw your own.) then add characters.

If you want to personalise it further, you can use the device camera to add real faces to the characters, though I think this takes away from the 3D modelling – I’m sure kids will love this!

Once you’ve customised and named your characters, you move into “director” mode which allows you to move the characters with your fingers, move their arms too, and while you do this the app is recording your voice.

It is outright fun, next level fun for the kids.


I can see teachers using this in classrooms, and kids using this for school presentations and projects. The collaboration that could be done with mates, and the creativeness it will bring out in kids will only be seen once we start seeing more and more on YouTube.

It’s free – available on phones and tablets for both Android and iOS and if you’ve got kids you’ve gotta have this.

Oh, and if you’re a bit creative and love a bit of fun, you might like it too!