While the interesting Galaxy Buds Live were all the talk last year, they missed the mark in a few ways, not least their fit for many ears. So in 2021 for those looking for the ultimate sound from Samsung, they’ve announced the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Available Today from Samsung and leading retailers, these aren’t a variation on the Buds Live, they’re more an iteration on the Buds and Buds+ from previous years.

Garry McGregor from Samsung Australia says “People are depending on wireless earbud technology more than ever since the trials of 2020 and this category is one of the fastest growing amongst consumers. We use them for music and entertainment, work, education and more. We also know that audio quality is of fundamental importance as is their ability to seamlessly fit into our lives.

Galaxy Buds Pro sports great advancements in intelligent Active Noise Cancelling and incredible studio-quality audio. They are intuitive, knowing when you need to go from listening to your favourite song to Ambient Mode as well as switch automatically between your compatible Galaxy devices. So if you’re watching content on your tablet and your phone rings, the Galaxy Buds Pro can go from one to the other without missing a beat.¹

Galaxy Buds Pro also has an impressive IPX7 rating which means you can train as hard as you want, in a range of weather conditions without concern and will look great in your ear with new colourways, Phantom violet, silver and black.

Our goal is to offer a true wireless earbuds option for everyone, no matter their needs or style – and we’re excited to unveil our Galaxy Buds Pro.”

And it seems they’re hell bent on delivering that.

At $349 they don’t come cheap, available in Black, Silver or Violet.

But, with their Canal type design, they are “less intrusive” and ‘more natural” feeling.

Inside is a 6.5mm tweeter and 11mm woofer so the sound should be fantastic, while the three mic system on each ear is designed to help more than ever with eliminating background noise from calls making the call better for both people on the line.

Samsung call the Active Noise Cancelling their most intelligent, blocking 99% of outside noise, and it turns off when you speak – my experience with that feature on other headphones is that it doesn’t help when you sing:)

You’ll get 18 hours of playtime when you combine the Buds Pro and the Charging Case, and 5 mins of charging offers 1 hours playtime.

They’re $349, and go on sale today. Plus, if you’re interested in the latest Galaxy S21 – you’ll grab Buds Pro for free if you pre-order the new S21 Ultra.

They look the goods, our full review soon.