The move away from Foxtel is on, we’re at the dawn of a new era for sport and it’s a battle that will be waged over the eyes of consumers – it starts with Super Rugby as Stan announces the pricing for it’s Add-on Stan Sport in Australia.

Think about it for a minute, decades ago sport was on Free to Air TV, then Foxtel came along and snatched whatever it could to build a mammoth business that in the end has become a partnership of Free to Air and Pay TV when bidding for the rights to this countries biggest sports.

Then Foxtel created Kayo, their answer to the new generation of streaming which saw Netflix, Stan, Disney+ and more change the way we consumed TV shows and movies.

Kayo is huge, hundreds of thousands of subscribers all there just for the sport.

When Stan bought the rights to the Rugby late last year it was a shot across the bow, essentially telling the market they weren’t just here to take on Netflix, but Foxtel too.

Stan, calling themselves the “new Home of Rugby” has today announced that Sport will be a $10 add-on to existing Stan Customers.

Though the Rugby doesn’t kick off quite yet, customers can “pre-activate” a free 30 day trial right now, that 30 days then starts when the sport starts streaming. The trail won’t be offered ongoing, so those wanting to check out live-streamed-sport should get in now and pre-activate for the trial while it’s on offer.

Stan’s big advantage right from the get-go – devices.

If you’ve got Stan, you’ve got access to Stan Sport. Save for a few really old Smart TV’s (We’re talking 2014 or backwards kinda original Smart TVs), the Sport option will just appear in the top menu of your app.

That’s on Samsung TVs, LG, Sony, TCL, Panasonic, Hisense and Android TVs. yep, big numbers. Far more than Kayo has yet managed – heck, Kayo still isn’t on LG TVs!

Plus, Xbox and Playstation Consoles, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Fetch TV, Telstra TV and the Foxtel Now box.

Joining Stan sport will also be possible in-app on most smart devices to make it super easy to do.

Stan CEO Mike Sneesby said “As Rugby kicks off with Stan Sport, Stan will continue to deliver Australians the highest quality productions whilst maintaining great value for money. For the first time in Rugby’s history, fans can experience the game from its grassroots all the way to the international level, allowing a whole new generation of Australians to connect with the sport.”

Rugby might not be Australia’s biggest sport, but it’s got a large loyal following, and it feels like this is just the start of things to come.

Plus, there’s Wimbledon and the French Open later in the year.

You can sign up for Stan Sport now, if you’re an existing customer, you can “pre-activate” the trial. Stan is only offering the Trial program for a  limited time so it’s worth getting in now to pre-activate your trial!