Often when a new product is released it is then forgotten about by the manufacturer and you are stuck with whatever features it released with. Suunto are the complete opposite of this and have provided continual updates to the Suunto 7 throughout the last 12 months it has been available.

Today they have announced yet another update to the Suunto 7, this time the new integration of the MyRadar app, “providing users with their own personal weather tracker”. If you own a Suunto 7 read on to see what your watch is now able to do.

The MyRadar app on the Suunto 7 offers two key components: conventional weather forecasting that most weather apps can do, and a high definition radar display of your exact location. It also includes time lapse shots of the weather fronts moving around you.

The basic functionality of the weather forecasting includes hour by hour updates, lightning (US only) and weather alerts, rain predictions (US only) along with usual temperature forecasts.

This is one of many updates we have seen from Suunto in the past 12 months so if you are one who purchased a Suunto 7 you should be very happy with the continuing support that the watch receives.

If you are interested in using this on your Suunto 7 head on over to the Suunto website and follow the links to the MyRadar Wear OS app. Don’t get caught out in the rain again.