Smart TVs are everywhere these days with many of them offering software made by Google — Android TV. Last year Google updated and renamed Android TV to Google TV.

TCL are set to improve their smart TV offerings with an announcement overnight at CES2021 that they will be offering Google TV on TVs in 2021.

The new TCL Google TVT series will launch in 2021 in the US first followed by “other parts of the world”. The TCL Google TVs will include TCLs new display technologies including Mini-LED, 8K and QLED. The software of course will be the newest in Google’s entertainment experience which includes a large app store and access to many third party apps such as Netflix, Disney+, Kayo, Stan and more.

The TVs will include voice-activated Google Assistant giving users the ability to control what they watch using their voice along with find out answers to important things such as “What other shows has Joe Blogs been in?”

“The introduction of TCL Google TVs will take our partnership with Google to the next level. Our theme at CES this year is ‘Experience More’ and by combining cutting-edge displays with smart and convenient content powered by Google, I am confident we will allow people around the world to do just that in 2021.”

Kevin Wang, CEO of TCL Industrial Holdings and TCL Electronics.

With TCL set to announce new Australian products in the coming months we hope to see these new Google TVs as part of their Australian range.

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