2021 looks like being a big year for TCL globally, and particularly in Australia with a wide range of new products including what look to be a high quality feature packed range of new smartphones.

With the world sitting and waiting for the pandemic to pass – we hope – TCL joined a range of the world’s biggest tech companies with a full CES virtual press conference, and there’s three of the key things we’re told are coming to Australia in 2021.

TCL 20 Series Smartphones

Given the quality of these new phones being announced, you’d be forgiven for thinking TCL had been releasing phones for years, but in fact it’s only really been a touch over twelve months that we’ve had TCL smartphones.

However, the company has been making smartphones under other brand names, and has a strong heritage in display technology meaning they come to market well equipped to showcase some serious devices.

For 2020, the range for TCL is the TCL 20 Series, and while there will be a wide range globally, at this stage just the TCL 20 5G and TCL 20 SE are confirmed for Australia.

Improved display technology with the next generation of the company’s NXTVISION displays, along with new AI software to enable an adaptive display which means less false touches and an all round better display including intelligently detecting your environment for lighting to enhance brightness, colour accuracy and contrast.

The TCL 20 5G is a 6.67 inch display with a front camera “Dotch” hole punch camera.

Of course it’s a 5G phone, but the display also supports HDR10 for all your streamed content.

Under the hood is an 8nm octa-core Snapdragon chipset, and the power management of the device is optimised to ensure switching between 4G and 5G is done to stretch the life of the 4500mAh.

Around the back is an AI powered triple camera with enhanced auto-focus and image stabilisation.

TCL’s 20 SE is a slightly larger 6.82 inch display with a V-Notch for the front-facing camera.

There’s a massive 5,000mAh battery which also allows for on-the-go reverse charging.

Judging by the price being touted by TCL for these devices, both will be under $500, the TCL 20 SE could be a sub-$300 phone in Australia.


You’ve got a tablet, you love reading the news, a book, or browsing websites but the eye strain is starting to get to you.

The reason is the backlight – it’s shining brightly in your eyes, and even a blue light reduction still means you’ve got that light shining.

TXL’s NXTPAPER is a very interesting approach. No Backlight.

Your display requires environmental light for you to be able to see it.

In other words, if it’s dark – you can’t see it. Simple as that. A very paper-like experience.

Critically, it’s also far more energy efficient than a traditional display.

Easily a day’s battery life from the 5,500mAh battery, and don’t worry, it’s a fully featured tablet, front and rear facing cameras and all.

Stefan Streit from TCL says “NXTPAPER is a prime example of TCL Mobile’s Display Greatness philosophy and showcases how a vertically integrated ecosystem can help produce innovative new products quickly and affordably,”

“This new type of display will directly benefit remote workers and students alike, bringing new features that help encourage productivity, make life easier, and keep our eyes safe.”

TCL Wearable Display

For something completely different, TCL say they will bring to market a set of wearable display glasses in 2021.

These are more for a commercial application, but the possibilities are endless.

The glasses come with a set of dual 1080p Full HD micro OLED displays, allowing you a 140 degree view.

Watch movies, play games, whatever you want to do. Personally, seems like the perfect TikTok viewing device.

Stefan Streit from TCL says “It is a thrill to introduce a truly new and unique type of wearable product that leverages years of research and TCL’s expertise in display manufacturing, as well as new premium devices that enhance our lives as well as the lives of our pets,”

“We will continue to build and grow our already robust ecosystem by expanding further into the wearable and audio product categories.”

When will these products launch in Australia?

  • TCL 20 5G and 20 SE – available end Q1
  • TCL NXTPAPER Tablet – available in Q2
  • TCL Wearable Display – partner pending, available in H2

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