Adjustable, customisable digital displays are now commonplace – in fact, the EFTM CES 2021 wheels, Kia’s new Carnival, has a great example of just such a screen. 

Unfortunately for Kia (and everyone else), Mercedes Benz has just blown the whole concept out of the water. Those crazy cats from Stuttgart have used CES 2021 to launch the MBUX Hyperscreen – a 56” OLED dashboard! 

The Hyperscreen curves more or less from A pillar to A pillar and displays all of the regular vehicle functions, but in just such a special way. Special coatings reduce glare and Mercedes has promised haptic feedback for the touch screen functions. 

I have commended Mercedes Benz on the way that previous MBUX systems have supported a range of ways to access a range of functions. I am sure that there is no logic to it, but some functions I access via the touchscreen while other functions are accessed via the steering wheel. Others still are accessed via dashboard switches. MBUX Hyperscreen, however, promises to use artificial intelligence to ‘learn’ how, when and why I might want to access the vehicle’s functions. I can’t wait to try it. 

Initially, the Hyperscreen will be available on the soon to be released EQS (think of an all electric S-Class), but it is not hard to see the technology quickly flowing down through the rest of the range. 

I just wonder if REPCO are ever going to stock replacement Hyperscreens!

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