In a world first, Ninu has announced the very first smart perfume complete with artificial intelligence.

Now a bit of a history lesson, Peter Florjancic, one of the greatest innovators in the perfume history has inspired the people from Ninu into redeveloping the perfume as we know it. Peter Florjancic was a Slovene inventor, known for inventing the perfume atomiser, the little nozzle that produces the fine spray of liquid. He also invented the airbag but that’s a story for another day.

The Ninu team have developed a product capable of producing a perfume fragrance unique to their mood and tastes. Ninu combines three different fragrances in the one bottle. With the AI assisted smart phone app and virtual perfumer called ‘Pierre’, users can tinker with the levels of the fragrances to come up with their own unique perfume. With more than a million fragrances to choose from ‘Pierre’ will find just the right one.

Whether users want to boost their energy or find the perfect scent for a special event, Ninu has it all covered thanks to its patent pending technology. Users will have full control over their scent. Too strong for work? Tone it down. Feeling a little excited? Add an exotic note. When you start running out, ‘Pierre’ will notify you to restock.

Being completely reusable and refillable, the Ninu wants to be part of the solution for a more sustainable future. Natural ink is used in the packaging, the cartridge refill system, less packaging, using recycled glass and a QR code replacing instruction leaflets have all been adopted to make the perfume industry greener.

Ninu has been announced to the world as part of CES 2021.

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