Make room on the kitchen bench for the next must have appliance. Already awarded the CES 2021 Innovation Award, the ColdSnap is a product attracting interest from across the world, literally because there is no physical CES in Las Vegas this year.

ColdSnap is a rapid freezing appliance that produces single servings of ice cream (well it’s actually more like soft serve), frozen yoghurt and other soft serve deserts in less than 2 minutes.

Borrowing the familiar pod seen in many a benchtop coffee machine, the ColdSnap uses ambient temperature pods and then freezes and dispenses the contents of those ColdSnap pods in less than 120 seconds. There is no preparation or cleanup required.

The ColdSnap machine uses a proprietary, high powered, refrigeration system to rapidly freeze and dispense the contents of the ColdSnap pod. To make a ColdSnap frozen confection, the machine reads a QR code from the pod to determine the optimum freezing parameters specific to that pod. The user follows the display prompts on the ColdSnap machine LED display to make the frozen product.

No word on an Australian supplier for ColdSnap yet but keep an eye on for updates.

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