When you let your kids borrow the car, you’re handing them not just an expensive bit of kit, but a powerful machine that they have to understand the limits of. Unfortunately, those limits are often found at the cost of property or even lives. This is what makes the Volvo Care Key such a brilliant idea.

You’ve got a new Volvo in the driveway, and that’s the car you want your kids to drive because of course – it’s a Volvo, it’s built with safety at the core.

But they take your key and it’s all power available at all times.

Now while Volvo has also announced that the top speed of all its cars will be limited to 180km/h, that’s still way too fast for your kids, or you frankly.

Using the Volvo Care Key, owners can pre-set and lock in the top speed of their car before it gets used to start up and drive away.

This distinct key, coloured Orange, is the one the kids can take to go for a cruise, when they do, those limits will be built in.

Greg Bosnich from Volvo Australia says “Speeding is the number one factor in car accident fatalities in Australia,”

“In 2019, 42% of fatal crashes occurred at speeds of 100km or more. Nearly 75% of these deaths involved male drivers, which indicates a higher rate of risk-taking behaviours among men, especially men between the ages of 17-25.

“Parents want to be able to share their car with friends and family, but our research shows they worry about how to ensure they are safe on the road. Volvo Care Car is a good safety solution that gives them some extra peace of mind.”

Such a great idea, can’t wait to test it out and understand how it works, but as a feature of a Volvo, it makes them a compelling choice as your next family car.