Saving to get your next phone, tablet or wearable just got a new option, with Optus launching ‘Optus Pay’ offering interest free options to pay off your device.

OptusPay will seemingly work similarly to their current handset payment plans, with options to pay your device off over 12, 24 or 36 months, as long as you stay on an eligible Optus plan.

Optus says opting in to OptusPay is as ‘simple as a click of a button’ to use, and will roll out icons across their website and retail stores to show which devices are eligible.

Matt Williams, Managing Director of Marketing & Revenue said, “As part of our commitment to surprise and delight our customers, we are committed to making life simpler and show that with a world class network and exceptional service, Optus is the ultimate destination for consumers buying or upgrading to a new device.

Optus says you can choose to pay out the remainder of your Interest Free contract at any time. You can also check to see how much you have left, with repayments listed on your Optus bill and in the My Optus App on Android and iOS.

You can check out the nitty gritty of the OptusPay details here, or start checking out devices on their website.