Spotify has been many people’s go-to streaming music service for a long time. In the early days, the quality of all streaming music services was average at best with many preferring to play music directly from their devices instead. Over the years, thanks to improved bandwidth and speeds of mobile networks, this quality has improved and now Spotify are looking to improve their even more this year according to an announcement made today.

Today Spotify have announced Spotify HiFi, their new “high quality audio experience” planning to launch it later this year. This new feature will be for premium subscribers only, but they will have to “upgrade their sound quality” to experience the CD-quality, lossless audio format.

Not only will the high-quality audio be available on your device but through Spotify Connect-enabled speakers with Spotify working with speaker manufacturers to bring Spotify Connect to as many speakers as possible.

Other notable announcements today include Spotify expanding to another 85 markets around the world, even more creator tools for artists to use their platform and more exclusive podcast content including Renegades: Born in the USA from President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen; Batman Unburied as part of multi-year partnership with Warner Bros and DC.

At this stage it is unclear if the new Spotify HiFi will cost premium subscribers more than their standard subscription fee or just be included in their current premium features — wording suggests it will not be included but will be an add on. With it coming to Australia later this year it might be the time for those audiophiles to finally move onto a streaming music service, Spotify — after all this is the type of quality they have been screaming out for years.

If you are a Spotify Premium subscriber keep an eye out for the option to upgrade on your account in the coming months.