Telstra has today announced a major change to move live streaming of AFL and NRL Games from Live Pass within the AFL and NRL apps to Kayo.

The NRL and AFL apps which have grown to service more than 3 million subscribers since Telstra launched in 2012, will continue to be powered by Telstra. The apps will continue to provide great content including ‘match replays, live scores, highlights, stats, and other great features on the AFL, AFLW and NRL apps’ says Telstra, but the heavy lifting of streaming will now be through Foxtel powered, Kayo.

The move to Kayo for NRL and AFL, won’t affect Telstra’s live streaming of Football (Soccer) or Netball, both of which will continue to offer streaming in their respective MyFootball and MyNetball apps.

For any Telstra customer who has already subscribed to the Live Pass annual subscription, Telstra will offer partial refunds. Telstra is also offering a good deal on Kayo to promote the new arrangement, offering a $20/month discount for the next 12 months to users who have previously subbed to the NRL or AFL Passes, and want to sign up to Kayo.

Kayo usually costs $25/month for their basic subscription, which will offer all the live streaming usually found in the AFL and NRL apps. The basic Kayo package still offers more though, including 13 dedicated sports Live Channels from FOX SPORTS, ESPN and beIN SPORTS, making this probably one of the best $5/month you’ll see for 12 months.

Other Telstra customers will also be able to get a deal on Kayo, with Telstra offering a $10/month discount on Kayo over the next 12 months, even if you’ve never watched AFL or NRL games on their apps.

Telstra will continue to maintain the NRL and AFL apps, which will continue to offer ‘match replays, live scores, highlights, stats’ and more.