You’re mad if you own a home and don’t have some sort of security camera system in place – it’s just so easy to do these days, and our review of the Uniden App Cam Solo Pro proves that point once again.

Brand new on the market, the Uniden App Cam Solo Pro camera comes in a single or two camera pack with the single setting you back just $249.

Installation of these cameras is a complete breeze. They connect directly to your existing WiFi network, they are battery operated and come with mounting brackets.

A wet Uniden App Cam Solo Pro

Once you sign up for a Free account within the Uniden App Cam Solo app, you can add one or more cameras.

Uniden is at pains to differentiate itself as a provider of high quality cameras without the need for a subscription. There’s free cloud storage for seven days, longer if you pay a fee.

Critically though, there’s also an SD card slot on board so you can go 100% local on your file storage.

Uniden App Cam Solo Pro overlooking a driveway

I’m super impressed with the quality of the vision, as someone who has multiple brands side by side in the same locations, I can see where one camera is better than another quite easily. In the case of the Uniden App Cam Solo Pro, there’s a richness to the colour, and bright light doesn’t cause concern.

Like most cameras at this price and style, you aren’t going to get number plate recognition of the cars driving past, nor face recognition, but that’s not what this is for.

Uniden App Cam Solo Pro, Nest and Aro cameras pointing at the same area

Video quality is excellent, though the FPS rate, that is – frames per second – give it a jittery look when someone is walking in the shot. A picky point of difference that again, won’t really challenge your ability to identify just what’s going on.

On installation, my only gripe was the small circular twisting mount was great when used on a vertical surface, but I struggled to mount it under my homes eve, opting for a more traditional camera mount.

Uniden App Cam Solo Pro viewed from another camera
Uniden App Cam Solo Pro keeping an eye on things

Also, notifications were and are overwhelming.

There’s no ability to schedule your camera’s “armed” status, thus you get notifications of everything whenever you’re home or not.

Front face of the Uniden App Cam Solo Pro

This is a simple problem to solve with an enhanced app. The app is great, searching for cloud clips is easy, but in many ways it’s not the best user experience overall – and when you’re up against Arlo at all price you need the full suite and that includes a rock solid app.

I love the design of the Uniden app, they just need to streamline the walk through and feature finding options (eg, finding cloud recordings is a whole separate area to just viewing the camera).

Screenshot from Arlo Video Recording
Arlo Field of View Example

While the frames per second on the recordings does not bother me, the 120 degree field of view is also low compared to Arlo, so think about placement when setting up your first Uniden App Cam Solo Pro.

Screenshot from Uniden App Cam Solo Pro recording
Uniden App Cam Solo Pro Field of View Example

Perfect for the front door or back door, this is a high quality camera that is easy to setup and find recordings of what’s going on at your home.

Uniden App Cam Solo Pro is available as a single camera for $249, two camera pack $449 and a four camera pack at $899. Grab the Solar Panel for $99 and you’ll never need to take the camera down to charge it (the Battery is not removable).

Uniden Solar panel for Camera charging