If you’re working from home you’ve probably used a Zoom meeting for a video call in the last few weeks. The option to change the background in a Zoom meeting has been an enjoyable distraction for many during these meetings and now stock image supplier Getty Images are offering a heap of great backgrounds you can use for free.

The range of images range from the cute to the weird, but they’re not really offensive so they’re safe for work. There’s a bunch of good choices like these kittens, or you can meander into the weird with a guy dressed as a gnome.

Or you can check out all the crowd backgrounds which will be sure to give your team mates a start if they aren’t paying attention.

If you’re still a Zoom meeting novice, Getty Images have even provided instructions on how to download and then use the images in your next Zoom meeting on their site.

  1. Download the background of your choice by clicking the image below (on Internet Explorer, right-click to “Save image as” onto your device).
  2. Position your camera so you have a solid, single-colour background behind you. A plain wall or curtain is fine.
  3. Open your Zoom™ client, select the Preferences menu, and look for the option “Virtual Background.”
  4. Click “Add image” (or the + symbol) then select the image you downloaded.
  5. Click “Open.”
  6. To make sure your image displays properly, under your “Video” preferences, check that “Mirror my video” is not selected.