It’s hard to argue that Apps as a whole have not had a big impact on our economy, a new place to spend money means a new place to make money and when businesses thrive jobs are created.

The latest research by the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) and it’s “Australian App Economy” study proves this, and shows things are good, despite the knocks globally dished out by COVID.

Here are some of the key findings from the report.

An increase of 15 percent in App Economy jobs as at January this year since 2019, and up from 113,000 in 2017 to 156,000 now.

iOS has a bigger ecosystem of jobs than Android, 137,000 plays 123,000 (the cross over in numbers is because many jobs deal with both).

As a share of overall jobs, App related work is extremely high, with the PPI “App Intensity” index putting us at 1.2, behind Canada and the USA, but around the same as the UK.

New South Wales leads the way, with 71,000 jobs, an app intensity of 1.7%, followed by Victoria (41,000 – 1.2%), Queensland (21,000 and 0.8%) and Western Australia (13,000 – 1.0%).

The Australian Capital Territory holds the crown for our most innovative, with an App intensity rating of 1.9%, with around 4,000 App Economy roles down there.

It’s not really a surprise, considering there are 1.8million apps in the App Store, and over $200billion being paid out by Apple to Developers.