Fortnite is continuing their push to stay relevant with fans with a whole new series of collectables and this time Aussie gamer Lazarbeam is front and centre as part of the “Icon Series” with an outfit created in his likeness.

Think Tradie and Meat Pie- you think Australia, well now you can be that while playing Fortnite.

You might think wearing Hi-Vis gear in a game that rewards the “last man standing” might be madness, but this is nothing compared to some of the things being worn as outfits in Fortnite.

You’ll get the bright shirt, tool belt and a sledgehammer to harvest those mats (Materials for those uninitiated).

Lannan ‘Lazarbeam’ Eacott said “I’m excited to share a slice of Australian culture with the global Fortnite community,”

“It’s surreal seeing yourself depicted in a video game like Fortnite, so I was eager to add some Australian inspiration from my tradie roots when designing the Outfit and Bundle. And who doesn’t love a meat pie?”

Personally, I wanna see Lazarbeam sit on a chair dressed as a tradie for a Victory Royal, now THAT would be the ultimate Aussie move.

You can be the first in the world to receive the Lazarbeam outfit by competing in the Lazar & Fresh Super Knockback tournament on March 3.

Otherwise, it will be available for VBucks purchasing.