Wireless home audio maker Sonos has announced their latest portable speaker today, with the Roam, ultra-portable battery powered speaker set to arrive on April 20th. 

While the Sonos Move, which launched in 2019, was the companies first portable speaker, however at 3kg, it’s more luggable than portable. The Roam, as the name suggests is more portable at a mere 430grams, and comes with a smaller profile.

The speaker comes in either Shadow Black or Lunar White colour options, with on-device buttons for play/pause and volume adjustment, as well as controls to skip, replay, turn off the microphones, and manually switch to Bluetooth.

The Roam includes up to 10 hours of continuous playback on a single charge and up to 10 days of battery life when not in use says Sonos, who have also added the option to charge the speaker Wirelessly (Qi) – or you can charge it with a USB-C cable. Sonos is also selling a custom magnetic charger separately if you want the complete package.

Roam Charger

The Sonos Roam is also dust proof and fully waterproof with a ‘rigorously tested’ IP67 rating, a step up from the IP56 rating of the Sonos Move.

As a Sonos speaker, it supports all the latest features of the Sonos eco-system including TruePlay which tunes the audio to the room and environment you’re in to get a better sound. 

Sonos also says the Roam will utilise both Bluetooth and Wifi automatically depending on the situation. You’ll find the speaker will switch from your home Wi-Fi to Bluetooth when you leave home, automatically connecting to your phone or device for a seamless playback experience. 

The speaker will also fit into your existing Sonos speaker line-up, including letting you use a brand new feature: Sound Swap. This new feature lets you switch the music to the nearest speaker on your Sonos system at the touch of a button, which Sonos says makes it easy to move music from room to room.

Sonos is offering compatibility outside their eco-system as well with support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Apple fans will also be pleased to see AirPlay2 support on board. 

You can check out the Sonos Roam on their Australian website right now, with pre-orders available from today. Sonos will begin sending the speakers out with full availability from April 20th.