You’ve spent your hard earned on a brand new next-gen console, so what do you need to make sure you’re getting the most from your PS5? We’ve assembled some of the best PS5 Accessories to ensure you’re at the top of your game.

There’s so many new possibilities with the PS5, so let’s start with connecting it to your TV.

HDMI Cable:

No ordinary HDMI will cut it, to get the best resolution and quality from your gaming you need a next-gen cable.

Belkin’s Ultra Certified 8K capable HDMI Cable will do the trick.

WiFi 6:

When it comes to placing your PS5, you are free from the restrictions of old. Sure WiFi isn’t new, but WiFi 6 takes it to the next level.

WiFi 6 offers a faster and more reliable connection to compatible devices, so upgrade your WiFi router to a compatible unit.

At the same time, consider a Router like the Nighthawk XR1000. This beast will also allow you to prioritise traffic on your network so the PS5 gets first dibs and isn’t slowed by your kids streaming Netflix or Stan in the next room.

Your TV:

You want the best gaming on your PS5? Time to upgrade to the Samsung Q950. This TV (2020) model was the best of the bunch when the PS5 came out and while 2021 models will follow, it’s a cracker today still.

You’re looking for HDMI 2.1 capability in your new TV to ensure you get 8K gaming and the highest frame rate.

In 2021 many TVs will have this, more than last year anyway.

Hisense’s 2021 ULED range with Game Mode Pro packs all the gamer features, but look for the specs when you’re shopping so you get the most from your PS5.

PS5 Official Accessories

There’s a bunch of Sony Playstation gear you can use too to get the most from your PS5.

Media Remote

The Playstation Media Remote turns your PS5 into your Entertainment system. Easy access to Netflix, Spotify, Disney etc, plus easy click access to get to your content without needing to power on your gaming controllers, and one that anyone in the house can use, even if they don’t understand your PS5 controller.

Dual Sense Controller

One controller is never enough. When the boys come round, you want to multi-player and a spare controller is all you need for that.

Dual Sense Charging Station

Forget plugging the controllers in, this handy dock will charge two controllers at once – simple.

HD Camera

For games that need the camera, or for Face login, the new HD Camera suits the new PS5 look too.

Pulse 3D Headphones

These look great, really carry the new PS5 design over to the user, and they feel very comfy too!