I was wrong. There, I said it. I just thought given Apple opened the Find My ecosystem to third party vendors, there was no need for Apple to release Apple AirTags.

Instead, they have. Directly targeting the very third party companies who will now need to hyper innovate to survive, Apple’s nifty little dots will be seen hanging from the keys of Apple product owners very soon.

Available for $45, or $149 for a pack of four, you pair the AirTag with your Find My app, and can then locate the item with ease.

If the item is within range of your phone, you will get an innovative arrow locator on screen in the Find My App – something no other app yet does.

A sound will play to help you locate them, and then hey presto, you’ve got the keys to your car back.

Mark them as lost if they’re not nearby and every Apple Device in the world forms part of your search party, something no other company can offer and a genuine point of difference for Apple.

Of course there will be a huge range of Apple Accessories to suit the AirTags (and expect many more from third party designers), and you can personalise your AirTags when you order online.


Sorry Tile, I’m switching my family to AirTags.