As our use of technology has grown over the years the number of notifications and interruptions to our lives has also increased. Optus has today introduced a new service that gives their customers the opportunity to pause these notifications and connectivity distractions.

Optus Pause allows Optus customers to temporarily pause their connectivity on all, or some if preferred, Optus home and Optus mobile devices. Optus pause is available free to Optus customers on selected post-paid, prepaid and home plans.

Clive Dickens, Vice President at Optus said of Optus Pause:

“As a technology company, we know the positive role that connectivity plays in the everyday lives of Australians, but we also understand that sometimes our love of staying connected 24/7 can create distractions for ourselves, our families, our friends, our work colleagues.”

“Optus Pause empowers our customers to balance their connected time so a face to face business meeting can be social-media-update-free or family dinner time can be about the conversation not missed snaps, or sleep time can be absent ‘pings’.”

Optus Pause can be accessed through your My Optus app and gives customers the opportunity to manage time online and when they want to pause and take a break from being “connected”. The new service offers a “one-click” solution that works across all Optus services and devices on the same account and household. As part of it you can set a timer for how long you want to pause your connectivity, and on what device (s) and a single click is all that is required to switch back on your connectivity.

Although there are other solutions for digital health and wellbeing there is yet one that can perfectly function across all devices no matter the manufacturer. If you have all your connectivity through Optus there is now a solution for you no matter whether you have Android, iOS or Windows devices.

For more information head on over to the Optus Pause website with a phased approach rolling out from today.