Back in the day it was probably just a couple of people and a slide rule who determined which trains would run on which lines and at what times, and the same goes for buses and lets not even talk about the drama on our roads when there’s an incident on a major arterial.

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance has called in the big guns, forming a new partnership between the NSW Government and Q-CTRL, an Aussie company who will help look at how quantum computing can help manage the network to make it more resilient.

Mr Constance said “This is a rare opportunity for some of our leading transport innovators and quantum computing experts to come together to tackle complex transport network management and congestion problems,”

“Future applications of the technology could include mapping all transport modes and crowd movements simultaneously in real time, and automatically updating the schedule to solve disruption issues.

“We could see all trains, busses, ferries, trams and motorways essentially ‘talking to each other’ to find out where customers are and deploy resources where needed. It could be used for massive public events, like New Year’s Eve or Vivid Festival.”

Q-CTRL’s Founder and CEO, Professor Michael Biercuk spoke of the power of Quantum computing to tackle the biggest challenges “This technology could completely transform the computing tools available to Transport for NSW in the next few years. The possibilities are endless,”

This is a research project, launched as one of many initiatives in the government’s future of transport technology roadmap.

Imagine though, the power of a computer that could re-route buses, change train timetables and assist in the flow of traffic in real-time when anything happens – amazing to think!