I’m pretty sure the most common saying in the consumer world is “if it looks to good to be true, it probably is” and that my friends is the case with EPIC Broadband, an NBN retail service provider that appears to have gone missing in action for their thousands of customers this week after less than a year in business.

The sales pitch was lofty from the get-go, saying things like “The Best nbn™ Plans Available” and “Australian Owned And Operated” and the all important “Local Support at your fingerprints” with “No Lock in Contracts”

They even promised your calls would be answered within 240 seconds, and emails responded within 15 minutes. Well, if they ever did, they no longer do.

Thousands of Epic Broadband customers had their services disconnected late last week as the company had it’s network switched off for failure to pay their wholesale provider.

Wholesale Network provider Vocus confirming to EFTM that “Epic Broadband was found to be in breach of contract with Vocus wholesale in relation to its unpaid account, which is significantly in arrears. Payment is an essential requirement of our ability to provide ongoing network services to our customers. “

“Following multiple unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue and having provided numerous warnings that services would be affected, Vocus ceased providing wholesale services to Epic Broadband late last week.”

The Finder Deal too good to be true

While the first few months of business late last year into 2021 were slow and steady for EPIC, things really picked up a gear when they launched a “Finder Exclusive Deal” with comparison website Finder – offering NBN 50 plans for $54 per month

Again, all too good to be true.

Finder has had to update their own website with a notice for their customers, who would rightly be pretty annoyed right now with no internet.

While driving down prices is a strong part of a competitive market, Australia’s biggest “challenger” brand Telco Aussie Broadband is a good mid-point price guide in my view. Their 50/5 NBN plan is $79 per month. EPIC seemed to think they could make money off a plan $20 less than that:

While EPIC and it’s directors have debts to pay to their Wholesaler Vocus, and quite likely Finder as well for their commission, it seems the end user is the biggest loser of all – out of pocket thanks to EPIC’s “Prepaid” nature, which means some people will be out of pocket a month or more of broadband – money they may never get back.

What do EPIC Broadband Customers Do to reconnect?

Switching internet providers on the NBN is actually quite easy. So in reality, you just need to pick a new telco and give them a call.

If you want the fastest solution of all, it’s likely choosing a Vocus owned brand like Dodo or iPrimus will ensure the quickest reconnection as your address will already be on the Vocus systems for connection.

Will another Phoenix Rise from the ashes of EPIC Broadband?

Likely yes. The people that setup these businesses know how to do it, and will likely try to do it again. This is why looking at the long term history of a company – especially one offering “epic” deals is critical before you make any decisions.