A couple of days ago we were alerted to an issue with Eufy security cameras where users could not see their own camera feeds but instead were seeing someone else’s. Eufy was quick to fix this and have now issued a statement (not an apology it seems) about how to fix it on your end and how they aim to prevent it from happening again.

According to Eufy, the issue only affected 712 users across just a few countries but it did include Australia — which we already knew about due to one of our readers alerting us to it. The statement from Eufy does not mention specifically what the bug was just how to fit it.

As you might expect they say to unplug and replug the Eufy security home base (turn it off and on again), log out of the Eufy security app and log back in. We assume that this automatically updates the firmware to fix the software bug they had introduced in a recent update.

To prevent this issue from happening in the future they will be “upgrading… network architecture and strengthening … two-way authentication mechanism between servers, devices and the Eufy security app”. They will also be upgrading their servers to improve processing capacity which will somehow elimination potential risks in the future.

If you have any Eufy security cameras, if you haven’t already done so, power cycle your Eufy home base by pulling the plug out and log out and back into the app. This should stop anyone else from seeing your camera feed. It is good to see Eufy fix this issue quickly but the fact that it occurred and they have not apologised for it remain. Hopefully it does not happen again.