The way the car market is right now there’s never been a better time to sell, but selling your car can be a right pain if you have to deal with tyre kickers and deal-makers. No more problems if you own a Porsche with the new Porsche Sell Direct app.

Porsche owners can create a for sale listing for their own Porsche in a couple of minutes, and rather than then waiting for calls from wannabe Porsche drivers, you’ll get offers for your car from dealers at Porsche Centres around Australia.

Your information and the Dealers information are anonymous until you accept the offer, that prevents dealers who might know you from reaching out to bypass the app listing, and it prevents owners from ringing a dealer to drive a deal.

It’s direct connection from Dealer to customer and would be the simplest way to sell your Porsche.

This is not a global concept brought to Australia, it’s in fact developed in Australia and is a first of it’s kind for the Porsche network globally.

Sam Curtis the boss of Porsche Cars Australia says “Sell Direct provides existing Porsche owners a fast and effective way to sell their Porsche to our participating Porsche Centres,”

“Our goal was to provide a streamlined selling process. Dealing exclusively with participating Porsche Centres makes it simple for owners to sell their car.” 

Pretty solid reliable way for owners to offload their cars, and if it proves to offer decent prices compared to the open market, it will be a loss for the classified sites for sure.

Porsche owners can download the app now in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.