Should blokes be doing more to look after their skin? If you’re married you’ll know the wife certainly spends time and effort with creams and moisturiser – so why shouldn’t you?

Turns out, man are pushing back on the stereotypes which see us not using skincare products, and putting a bit more effort in.

Ewan Munro Belsey is the co-founder of Tony & Munro a cosmetics company, who says “Australian men are turning their backs on masculine stereotypes and prioritising a healthy natural appearance even if it means using a moisturiser with cosmetics in it after they’ve cleansed,”

And that’s not based on a simple survey, it’s raw numbers – sales!, Mr Munro Belsey says “Sales were slow at the start of the pandemic but since March last year sales have tripled showing male skincare is changing and with fusion now in the mix, it’s about to boom.” 

“Thirty years ago men wouldn’t wear fragrance apart from Old Spice, now it’s a multi-billion dollar market and it’s the same with haircare – 20 years ago men wouldn’t wear anything but Brylcreem – now they’re into wax, gels, fudge and more. Ten years ago men wouldn’t even wear moisturiser but that’s all changed.”

And there’s also been a bit of a boom in the fancy barber shop too – plenty of those opening up around the place and loads of ads for manscaping right?

I could maybe get around a cream or moisturiser before bed – but aparently Tony & Munro are seeing a demand for their “three-step routine”. Eye Gel, Concealer and Cream for Men.

Honestly, that sounds like something only John boy here at EFTM would do – but perhaps I’m wrong? Or too old.

Perhaps this statement from Ewan sums it up…. “Men are allowed to be blokey blokes or whomever they want to be and because of changes in schools and society, it’s very much ‘be who you want to be’, and we see that in our customers – from tradies, to models, to everyday men, we get feedback from all of them.”