As the days get cooler I start to think more and more about flicking the switch on the heater, but the often wonder “how much is that going to cost?”.  Which is why your consideration for things like a split-system should take into account more than just price.

For many Aussie homes a fully ducted air conditioning system is simply not an option, for others that’s certainly a budget far from what is possible.  This is why the good old Split System fits perfectly into many homes, rooms and businesses.

But they aren’t just for cooling down on a hot Summer’s day.  Warming up the winter evenings is just as important and something they do just as well.

However, there’s not actually a whole lot of research you can do into the various split system units out there.  But there are some indicators you can use as guidance.

Take for example, the Energy Star Rating – we see these on Fridges, Washing Machines and more, they also apply to Split Systems.  So looking at the higher numbers here will ensure you keep the ongoing costs in check.

But unlike smartphones, or TVs, air conditioners aren’t the sexy item we’re all bragging about when we meet up with mates for a BBQ.  Which is why the reputation of a brand is best checked against awards like Canstar or Choice.

I was amazed to see a brand I frankly hadn’t considered in my own research appear in both Canstar and Choice.  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning won Choice Recommended in 2018, while also taking home a Five Star gong from Canstar Blue for “Most Satisfied Customers” among Air Conditioner owners.

It’s rather hard to argue with existing customer recommendations, along with the credibility Choice brings to the game.

So, if you’re thinking perhaps it’s time to invest in a bit of warmth this winter, and thinking ahead of needing to cool down this summer, put Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on your list, a quick glance shows they’ve got some style to their design too.

This article was inspired by and supported by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Australia.