In what may be a surprise to many of you, males have been revealed as Australia’s top shoppers in the lead up to the EOFY sales. Data compiled by diversified full-service payments and Buy Now, Pay Later company, humm, has shown this gender shift from the previous results and given my credit card bill recently has not come as a huge surprise.

The data on the shopping habits of Aussies showed that women were previously more likely than men to use buy-now-pay-later services but in recent weeks men have taken to the service and are taking over the lead in certain categories — some of which are not entirely surprising. The study also found that 18-25 years old shoppers accounted for over 75% of the Buy-now-pay-later market — hopefully, they are doing it wisely and not getting themselves into any financial trouble.

Unsurprisingly males spent more than females in the following categories:

  • Computers & Technology: Men led the category in spend at 57%.
  • Automotive goods: This category saw 61% skew towards male shoppers looking to purchase.
  • Camping & Outdoors
  • Bicycles and parts

The retailers most used by us were:

  • Kogan: 51% male
  • Retrovision: 51% male
  • Shopzero: 52% male

Also unsurprising, although the lead is less than I would have expected, females spent more on fashion (60%) and furniture and bedding (60%). These trends can give insight as to how shoppers are expected to spend up big in the EOFY sales with fashion, tech and appliances expected to lead the highest spending areas.

I know I have spent up big in the EOFY sales coming up to tax time with so many tech gadgets required for my home-office so I for one have contributed to the lead males share in that category. How about you?