Tablets are not cheap, and kids break them so it’s even more of a concern to spend $500+ on a thing the kids are really only using for simple games and video. That’s why the Pebble Gear Disney themed Kids Tablet is just utterly ideal.

If you’re buying an Android tablet for under $200 you probably aren’t getting something amazing. But slap a rubberised protective case around it in the theme of your kids favourite Disney movie and you might just be onto something.

That’s what this is – a 7 inch Pebble Gear android tablet, which comes in a box the kids will love, has protection out of the box and is themed all the way through in that same movie the kids saw on the box.

It’s a brilliant partnership with Disney and it’s coming to Big W this month in their annual mega Toy Sale.

The tablet with it’s protective case will sell for $159! After the sales it will be $189.

If you want to put a screen protector on you’ll get those for under $30, while a fabric carry bag to suit is under $40.

But here’s the thing – these tablets are great.

My 9 and 10 year old have iPads, they are spoilt brats. But they LOVED these from the get-go. They downloaded their own apps, found all the books and videos and were sad to hand them back.

As a parent, this was the best out of the box experience you could want. Child hands you the tablet, you enter your email. You verify your email address with a code you are sent, then you enter a child’s name, and set screen time limits.

By Default it offers 1 hour a day, 2 hours on weekends, with nights restricted.

And you can add multiple children to one tablet.

The child’s login button and profile has a green ring around it to show how much time they have left in their day.

Oh, and the “app store” has all curated apps, NONE of which have in-app purchases.

It’s a no brainer, it’s easy to setup, fantastic to use, and there are plenty of recognisable apps like Subway Surfer and Cut the Rope as well as Disney movie themed apps too.

There are three available, Frozen II, Cars Movie and Toy Story.

Amazing stuff, well worth the look at the Big W toy sales