While many people are installing simple plug and play wireless security camera system, there’s also a huge market for wired systems and systems with hard drive recording on premises. Uniden Guardian App Cam 4K NVR looks set to be the choice for the latter when it hits the market here in Australia,

As a base system, the Uniden Guardian App Cam 4K NVR comes in either 8 channel or 16 channel setup. You can then use either the 4K Bullet or 4K Dome cameras to deliver 4K vision into each channel.

Both cameras are IP66 weather rated, with the Bullet the primary choice for external installations, and the Dome for indoor.

EFTM uses an 8 camera Uniden Guardian system to protect our office, and we’ll be testing the new Uniden Guardian 4K NVR soon. It seems from the announcement new cables will need to be run, as they provide a single cable with power over ethernet capability, so no power required at each camera location.

Critically, the 4K NVR offers Advanced AI smart alerts for People, Vehicles and Motion detection, as well as 30 meters of night vision, and a viewing angle of 87 degrees.

On-board storage for the 8-channel unit is 2TB, while the 16 channel features a 3TB hard drive.

Critically, the Uniden Guardian 4K NVR is also compatible with many of Uniden’s wireless cameras such as the App Cam Home+ and App Cam Spotlight+, meaning you can also connect cameras without any cables.

The systems will be available soon, with the 8 Channel coming out at $499.95, the 16-channel for $799.95, and the Bullet Camera and Dome Camera are both $249.95 each.