Huawei has launched its Found Phones 2.0 competition where you could win a phone a day for 20 days or a $5,000 STA voucher, and they’re partnering with EFTM.

The idea of the competition is simple. It’s like a treasure hunt. Sign up on the Huawei Facebook pageand then all you have to do is follow the daily clues to be in with a chance to win a Huawei Vision smartphone every day for 20 days while the competition runs. But there is also another prize, a smooth $5,000 voucher from STA so you can do a little travelling with your mates.

To be in the running for the STA voucher, you have to collect Badgers. We have no idea why they are called Badgers, we didn’t ask and frankly didn’t want to know. You collect Badgers by following the daily clues and can also collect bonuses by referring friends to the competition. Got 15 Badgers? Then you’re in with a chance at the grand prize.

EFTM is partnering with Huawei. The comp is all theirs so you can check out terms and conditions with them, but keep an eye out for a few of the clues which will point to EFTM!

You can register now so get involved and good luck finding the phones and collecting those Badgers.