Heartbreaking news for Aussie F1 fans today with the news that the Australian Formula One Grand Prix for 2021 is set to be cancelled with the announcement likely mid afternoon today (Tuesday).

The news was broken by Seven News Melbourne this morning, who have it on strong authority the event which was scheduled for the weekend of the 18-21 November will not go ahead, and it looks like we’ll have to wait until 2022 until we see F1 back in Australia.

With Covid restrictions in place in many states across Australia, and the threat of restrictions still ever present, a multi-billion dollar sport like Formula One simply can’t risk sending all their gear to Australia in the hope that things will be normal.

When we spoke with Daniel Ricciardo just months ago, the real risk seemed to be Mexico and or Brazil off the back of the American race in Austin Texas, however it seems ever likely the USA will get more than one Grand Prix and Australia will be overlooked completely.

That’s thanks to our still very strict border entry requirements which see a need for quarantine on arrival, despite any vaccination status.

Formula One is operating at a close to normal status, with the British Grand Prix in Silverstone in less than two weeks set to welcome a packed crowd, despite England seeing over 20,000 new cases of Covid Per day and a Vaccination rate over 60%.

Sadly, Australia is being left behind globally, and while our local economy may be doing well, we’re being shut out from the rest of the world, and it’s not a great look given how positively we have been viewed over the last year.

Millions has been spent at the Albert Park Circuit to re-cut the race track layout with faster lap times and better racing in mind – looks like we’ll have to wait much longer to see that in action.