It’s not often you get deals on Apple iPhones that are less than a year old. In fact it normally takes a full year or more before even a few dollars is sliced of the price of an iPhone. But right now, there’s a ridiculous deal going round – $300 off the Apple iPhone 12 Mini.

Launched in October last year for $1199, less than a year later you can grab it now for $899.

JB Hi-Fi has it which we noticed first, but Harvey Norman seem intent to steal their thunder with a $1 price undercut, so play them off each other folks and get yourself a deal.

While perhaps not the belle of the ball, the iPhone 12 Mini is shunned by many because it is small. Many people love the larger screen iPhones.

I for one disagree, I love the mini form factor, and when a deal like this is on offer, you’ve got to wonder if it’s because the Mini was unpopular, or because they want to move the stock out ready for the iPhone 12s (or 13) later this year. Or both.

Whatever the case, the iPhone 12 Mini is a bloody great phone, so if you’re looking for a deal, they don’t come much hotter than $300 off any iPhone.

Buy Now: JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman