Amazon Music has today launched podcasts in Australia giving Aussies the opportunity to stream podcasts exclusively produced for Amazon Music along with all their usual podcasts.

Amazon Music appears to have all your favourite podcasts ready to consume but also now provides access for Australians to Amazon exclusive podcasts from creators such as Jake Brennan, DJ Khaled, Dave Crawley and more. Access to these exclusive podcasts is available at no additional cost to your usual subscription. Using my standard Amazon Prime subscription, I was able to play these and more Amazon Music exclusive podcasts.

Coinciding with the launch of podcasts on Amazon Music, Amazon has also released the findings from its State of Podcast report — a report designed to understand the behaviours of Australian podcast listeners. The data was acquired by YouGov between 16 and 21 of June this year and weighed by age, gender and region.

The report found that Australians love to listen to local content with 50% of Australian podcast listeners preferring local podcasts and just 26% preferring non-Australian content. Local content is preferred by those who listen to sports (63%), business/technology (59%), health and lifestyle (58%) and news/politics (56%) but society and pop culture podcast listeners prefer international content.

Unsurprisingly, given that so many of us work from home nowadays, the number one location to listen to podcasts was the home (48%) with most listening while doing housework/cooking (32%) closely followed by while in bed (31%). 30% of people listened to podcasts most while exercising and 25% while commuting and 15% of listeners admitted doing so at work!

The insight into our podcast listening is interesting and given that our work-from-home situations are unlikely to change any time soon we don’t expect these percentages to change much. The good news is that with so many of us listening to podcasts there is now yet another place to find new content, especially local content such as the EFTM podcast and Two Blokes Talking Tech.

Amazon Music customers can access podcasts in the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android, on Alexa enabled devices, and at