In what is one of either the greatest trolls of the motoring industry to date, or the biggest mis-translation of a word or term in history, car brand Haval have announced their latest H6 HEV model will be “developed on the L.E.M.O.N platform”.

I am not making this up. Read for yourself – there’s a whole announcement about it.

Here’s the thing, Haval is part of the next generation of the motoring industry. When I drove one of their SUVs some years ago, I was impressed, but also not so keen. The aged interior, and questions about safety made it a no go for me.

However, the Chinese car industry has advanced an immense amount in just a few years, their safety levels, design, build quality are challenging huge parts of the new-car market.

But – they need someone with the balls to say “hey, can we call that something else” when considering announcing that their latest lightweight car and technology platform is called literally LEMON.

Flexible, high performance, high safety rating, lightweight – it’s build for their entire model range.

It actually sounds quite impressive, a great leap forward for the brand.

But seriously, come up with another name.

Looking forward to driving new Haval models destined for Aussies later this year.