Car interiors are increasingly being referred to as a “space” here at CES 2019. The reason being that eventually there will be a time when you’re just sitting there pondering your naval. Personally, I can’t see that time arriving for at least 20 years but brands like Hyundai have initiatives in place to make sure you’re certainly not bored.

‘Style Set Free’ is Hyundai’s new vehicle design concept. The principle behind it is to allow customers to not just customise but upgrade the interior over time. Much like changing the wallpaper on your phone to suit your mood or lifestyle.

This kind of personalised approach goes way beyond colours, features and the usual options you’d tick boxes for. Via both software and hardware upgrades customers can literally renovate the space inside their vehicle to suit the occasion. Keep in mind future ‘cars’ will look nothing like today’s designs, instead being more van-like with a flat floor.

The configuration of the vehicle could literally go from say a five-seater to just an open room. It’s crazy stuff sure, but like everything here at CES you need to think outside the box. It’s just a shame future generations will be driving around in boxes!