School holidays are just about over, and I dare say many parents are running out of things to keep their kids occupied — especially with sections of Australia still in lockdown. Google has today launched a Footy Skills Lab to give footy fans access to AFL coaching so they can sharpen their skills.

One of the AFLW’s biggest stars and Google Brand Ambassador, Tayla Harris, introduced the new lab over on Google Australia’s blog with a focus on footy being for everyone, no matter “their age, ability, gender, location, culture or socio-economic status”. The aim of the lab is to give people (mostly kids but why not everyone?) tools to improve their AFL game.

The Footy Skills Lab is a free platform powered by Google AI and provides activities including ball-handling, decision-making and kicking over three levels of difficulty. Inside the lab budding footballers will receive tips from Carlton’s Madison Prespakis and Richmond’s Akec Makur Chuot and with improved accessibility features such as audio prompts and closed captioning those with visual and hearing needs can also participate.

All you need to participate is a smartphone with an Internet connection, a football and space to move (probably not a great idea to practice your kicking inside). Anyone, anywhere in the world can give it a shot so get your kids onto it now and get them out of your hair — head on over to the AFL website now to check it out.