The music industry is renowned for being a bit straighty-one-eighty isn’t it? So the idea of Hemp being used with Music is foreign to the industry isn’t it? I’m kidding of course, it’s a match made in heaven which is why the Grado Hemp headphones are a music lovers dream.

At $699 as open backed headphones these are a niche bit of gear. Not for your commute, these are for sitting in your man cave and just enjoying your favourite tunes.

Minimalist in so many ways, Grado do one thing well, audio. No flashy packaging here to drive up the price, what you’re paying for here is the hand crafted goodness from the Brooklyn family company.

The ear cups seem at a glance to be made from carved wood, but the iconic leaf of the plant at the heart of these headphones gives away the difference.

I don’t know how they do it, but looking at the fibre it looks like the Hemp is compressed to make the solid block, which is then shaped to suit.

These aren’t entirely eco-friendly, it’s really just the choice of Hemp in place of wood or perhaps plastic or metal on the ear cup that changes. The rest is all about the same.

Put them on and you’ll get a very rich and utterly clear sound. A feel like the bass is softened from what I get with a more mainstream brand, and I’m down for that – but I think what’s clear for any listener is these offer you a sound profile very close to what the musician might prefer.

Where: Addicted to Audio