It’s amazing how many options there are for portable sound these days with Bluetooth speaker in every price range, to be honest, most people would get all they need from the tiny little JBL Go 3.

Redesigned for 2021, the Go 3 has a more rounded look, the previous generation was a hard cornered box while in this new generation is an all-new look.

The rounded edges just define the product, but its the all over hip new look that really appeals. That big JBL logo re-enforces the highly reputable JBL brand in sound. On the side are the power and pairing buttons.

Up top are embedded volume and play buttons with the play button working like headphone controls so it can be double tapped to advance tracks etc.

I put this on full volume and the office was filled with sound. Entirely directional of course, but this is just a perfect little personal portable speaker, but can easily entertain a small group and the park, the beach, the backyard or just on your desk at home.

For $59 or less, it’s a steal too – great design, great materials, well built, and outstanding JBL sound.

Plus, a huge range of colour combinations available!

Buy: JB HiFi / JBL