We talk a lot about the potential for cyber attacks, identity fraud and other malicious things that can happen when you’re on the internet – and we know it’s happening – but just how much?

New data from Trend Micro sheds a very eye-opening light on just that.

This data looks at homes with the Trend Micro Home Network Security box in them. That single, small, simple box, plugs into your network and casts a net of protection around every single device in the home – not just your PC, but even your smart TV.

With thousands of homes across Australia protected by the Trend Micro Home Network Security box, it’s fascinating to see data directly from those homes. All anonymous and generalised, this data looks at the whole total picture and it’s fascinating.

32% – just shy of one third of all homes had a threat blocked by their Trend Micro System.

74% of those threats were web threats, things like malicious websites, phishing scams or likewise. 12% of them were attacks on the network, malicious intent, trying to gain access or cripple devices or connectivity.

This alone shows we should not be complacent. We have to have protection, and given 43% of attacks were at the router level, you have to worry about your whole network – not just your PC.

There’s a couple of other really interesting things here too.

On average, a home with Trend Micro Home Network Security has 21 active devices at any time.

Of those devices, 86% of homes have an iOS (Apple) device. 81% have a PC in the home, 66% have an Android device.

45% of homes had a network connected TV, while 37% had a gaming console and 34% had a network connected printer.

For those parents using Home Network Security for their parental controls, website filtering was the most popular feature. Stopping the kids seeing things they just shouldn’t see.

Web: Trend Micro – Buy: JB HiFi