Wireless charging – not new, MagSafe – very Apple and only available on iPhone 12. But if you want the convenience of MagSafe or to use MagSafe stands or chargers with any other wireless charging compatible phone – Mophie has you covered with their Snap+ range.

The concept of MagSafe is that the iPhone 12 has a circle of magnets around the Qi charging zone. This set of magnets then align with the opposite circle of magnets on a MagSafe device like a charging stand.

But, if you have – say an iPhone 11, and you love the charging stands available for iPhone 12, you’re stuck.

Same for Samsung or TCL, or Oppo phone users.

Enter Snap+. This range from Mophie cover all sorts of accessories from car mounts to desk stands, you name it – but critically, in every box is a stick-on Magnet circle for any phone.

I stuck one on the back of my iPhone 11, and boom, it works on my Belkin Charging stand. Likewise, the iPhone 11 with Snap+ will click into place on any Mophie Snap+ charging device.

No matter which Mophie Snap+ product you choose, from Power Bank, Car Mount or Desk mount, your MagSafe or Snap+ compatible devices will work a charm. The only requirement is that your phone already has Wireless Charging.

Web: JB HiFi