They’re hard to get a hold of, but there’s now another reason to grab a Playstation with Sony and Apple offering PS5 owners 6 months of Apple TV+ for free.

The offer is available on the web, and is also showing in the Apple TV app on the PS5 once you install it to the media dashboard. 

Once you download the Apple TV+ app onto your PS5 the setup is simple, you need an Apple ID, but you can create one in the setup process, so don’t stress. It’s a simple process, which you can mostly do on your phoneand you’ll be setup and watching in mere minutes.

The terms and conditions state that If you have a current Apple TV+ free trial or are already subscribed, you can redeem this offer – but if you are subscribed through a bundle like Apple One you cannot.

You do also a valid payment method associated with your Apple ID, and you will be charged $7.99AUD per month in 6 months time.

The deal is pretty awesome as the standard trial on the Apple TV+ website only offers you 7 days to try it out before being charged. 

It’s excellent timing with a new season of the hit Jason Sudekis show, Tad Lasso, beginning on the service today/tomorrow (July 23 anyway). It’s free, and simple to setup if you have a Playstation and an Apple ID so get on it.