In 2021 the idea of creating a business from scratch isn’t as crazy as it might have been 20 or 30 years ago. The idea of creating a new Watch brand might also seem crazy, but it is perhaps easier than ever before.

I love watches, from the popular G-Shock, to my TAG Heuer fascination, or just random timepieces on subscription. Perhaps that’s why the Blessington brand popped up in my social feed.

Nope, like you, never heard of them. Turns out, it’s a couple of young Aussies trying to make a go of things – Tanner and Tane Blessington.

The pitch here is almost exclusivity. Four watches, each limited to 50 pieces each – once they sell out, they aren’t coming back. Each one named after a region in the Snowy Mountains, so there’s a great tug on the all-Aussie heartstring.

And they look good. A well produced social video can do wonders for a product right?

So we bought one. Came pretty quick, packaging looks the part. Branding on point, the Blessington logo is on everything from the box, to the microfibre cloth and more.

The watch itself – Guthega Blue – is found within a traditional watch box, a better and more premium experience than your regular “cheap” online watches.

But the giveaway this is a factory job is the huge amount of plastic protective film over every surface. Not the kind of thing you see on a quality hand-crafted watch.

Make no mistake, they’re not claiming to be Rolex or TAG here, but they look bloody good.

My only feedback would be to ditch the protective film, some of which I keep finding under the bezel.

At $275, they’re probably making a decent chunk on each, and we can assume the proceeds will go toward the next “collection” if this one goes ok.

Happy to wear one as a daily driver to protect the bigger brand watches I have for special occasions.

Web: Blessington