When I saw the Espresso display online, my first thought was “I have to see that”, and when it arrived I knew it was special.

Most people who love tech and gadgets know well the line “Designed by Apple in California”, well, let me introduce you to “Designed in Sydney” – this little Aussie battler would not be out of place in Cupertino let alone California.

The Espresso Display is just 5.5mm thick, more than my eye guessed, but thinner than an iPhone 12. That’s not the thinnest edge measurement, that’s the entire display.

It’s a simple, clean, square edged design, utterly minimalist.

On one side are two USB-C ports, one Mini HDMI port. On the other side volume up and down buttons and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Using the included USB-C to USB-C cable, plug right into your Laptop and within seconds the display fires up with power, the espresso Display logo appears and you’ll then get your second screen fired up.

On a touch-screen Windows device it’s an instant second touch-display. Yep, this ultra-thin beast is touch-enabled too.

That works fine, until you plug the Espresso Display into a Mac.

We tested the Espresso on a Mac Mini, as the sole display, and as a MacBook, working as a mirrored or additional screen.

It’s off-colour to your MacBook if you’re operating side by side but it doesn’t make a difference, works smooth and it’s responsive with a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Now if you wanted to take advantage of the touch capabilities but are connecting to a Mac, you’d think that’s a no right? Wrong. Download the UPDD software from Espresso ($50) and you have a touch-screen Mac!

It only works in Mirrored display mode, so don’t expect it on an extended display – but still cool.

There is a folio case to protect your Espresso Display when you take it with you place to place, which also converts to a simple stand at the desk when you need it.

But for the perfect setup, get the Espresso Stand. It’s nifty, and the design is genius. Three layers that fold up so you can take it with you in your laptop bag, but strong enough to stand up and support the display in a very stylish way.

The display attaches magnetically to the stand, and it just “floats” there.

Given the price of monitors today, that’s the hardest thing to justify with this product. For $269 I can get a 20+ inch Full HD monitor. What that monitor doesn’t do is slide into your laptop bag, or get it’s power from the Laptop it’s connecting to.

Espresso does that.

The 13 inch version will set you back $499, while the larger 15 inch just a touch more at $529.

Well worth it, for the style, totally worth it if you want an extended display on the go, or a thinner style of display on your desk.

Love it.

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