Music to your ears, that’s what you want with headphones, one of the most personal bits of technology you’ll own and the Nuratrue in-ear headphones may be the most personal of all.

Nura aren’t new to this game, but they’re not big in this game. Their first over-ear headphones were a funny mix of an over ear headphone with a strange point straight into your ear. They’re angling for a truely personal listening experience.

That’s what you get from the get-go with the Nuratrue wireless in-ear headphones – personal.

The app you pair them with gets straight to an analysis of your hearing, a few minute process but it then ensures the music you hear is set for your ear. Turn off that personal profile and it’s a very different thing.

And this is way more than just tweaking an EQ setting in an app – I really do think the sound profile it created for me was spot on for me, elevating the highs and lows of the music to give a very complete – or full sound.

You can switch that off, but I’d doubt many owners would. There’s also social mode, essentially like transparency or ambient sound on other brands – letting the outside world in for a safer walk or to hear someone talk.

With Six hours of playtime and 24 with the in-case charging taken into account, these are on-par with the best, but at $299 they are priced spot on for the quality and features they offer.

My only concern in terms of listening was the bulk of the headphone. So much headphone in your ear, I really think I could hear my bones moving more than normal.

Compared in size to the JBL Live Pro+

Oh, and then there’s the design. It’s like Will i Am got back into headphones. These 20c piece sized circles on your ear – it’s just way more than most anything else on the market.

My biggest marker of a headphone outside of the sound they offer is customisation, and Nura haven’t missed the mark here.

You choose what tapping each earphone does, and that’s a big win for me.

It’s great all round sound, a very personalised setup, customisation that are the big winners – but heck, on design, it’s almost a hard no from me.

If you like the look, snap them up, great headphones.

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