Managing all those monthly subscriptions for digital services can be a little overwhelming, but Optus has announced a new service called Sub Hub, that they hope will make the process of managing these subs a little easier, and also a little cheaper. 

Described as a ‘command central that simplifies subscriptions and payments’, SubHub includes an array of services at launch including Amazon and Kindle subs, as well as subscriptions from Calm (health and well being), Inkl (news and media) and Optus services including Optus Sport and OS Fitness.

SubHub will be expanding with more services on the way though. Optus has announced that customers will soon be able to manage their Netflix, Paramount+, Fetch TV, BritBox, Fiit, iQiyi, iwonder, and even more Amazon services through SubHub.

There will also be bonuses for using SubHub, with Optus TV, Content and Product Development VP, Clive Dickens advising that the launch of SubHub will include ‘complimentary trial content subscriptions for customers, who can also then earn up to 10 per cent off when they bundle multiple paid content subscriptions in the new SubHub platform’. 

The announcement compliments the recent launch of the Optus Living Network, which lets customers engage services like Game Path, Data Sharing/Gifting and more on the fly through the MyOptus app. 

The convenience of Sub Hub adds to empowering the customer to manage their online services. Mr Dickens said: 

The pitch is simple – in an increasingly complex and growing universe of digital content subscriptions, our customers tell us that they find it hard to keep track of exactly what subscriptions they have, are active, and how much they pay for them. 

With SubHub, we have turned the table on complexity with a single platform allowing customers to bundle their multiple new and existing subscriptions, enjoy them as they need them and pause them when they don’t, with just a few clicks.

Optus customers can head over to or into the MyOptus app to check it out now.