Trend Micro gave us an early look at their new products last month but today, alongside the official launch, has given us the reasoning behind the new products.

First off, let’s check out just what the Security Ultimate offers. It offers protection for not just PC and Mac but also mobile phones, tablets and smart home devices as a single all-in-one solution. The security offered covers identity theft, dark web monitoring, WiFi protection, a password manager and parental controls meaning families are kept safe across the spectrum of online devices and various threats.

Trend Micro surveyed Australians and found that we are worried about security across all of our devices but many of us fall short when it comes to the application of security across our devices.

Interestingly, smart TVs were the top concern with a third of us concerned about their security with routers not far behind at 27%. Streaming devices (17%) and game consoles (15%) were the next most common security concerns which is interesting — we obviously trust our smartphones more than we do gaming consoles.

With all of these concerns you may be surprised to find that only a third of us change generic passwords or update the firmware on our devices. This lack of security consciousness leads us to be vulnerable to cyber risks such as viruses, malware and ransomware, putting out personal information at risk.

Kids are also using devices more and more each year and over a half (56%) of parents worried their children are exposed to risks online including accessing inappropriate content on the Internet.

Luckily for those Australians concerned with their online security but have trouble applying solutions across all of their devices Trend Micro has a single solution that can encompass the entire threat matrix across all devices.

“Australians are bringing more and more smart devices into their lives and homes, and while this allows us to access richer content, have better communication and achieve greater convenience, it also comes with an increased exposure to cyber risks,” said Tim Falinski, Managing Director, APAC, Trend Micro. “Trend Micro Device Security Ultimate has been designed with all of this in mind – security for the way we live today. Whether Aussies are worried about their passwords being hacked, identity theft, or their kids accessing inappropriate content, our new solution ensures that every device is equipped with complete protection against these threats both inside and outside the home.”

Trend Micro Device Security Ultimate offers:

  • Protection for PCs, Macs, mobile phones and tablets
  • Antivirus, malware, ransomware & spyware protection
  • Dark Web monitoring to guard against identity theft
  • Password management and protection
  • Secure VPN to protect your privacy
  • The ability to keep children safe online inside and outside the home
  • Bundled with Home Network Security for ultimate protection for smart devices such as smart TVs and game consoles, and kids’ mobile phones and tablets

Trend Micro Device Security Ultimate is availableonlineand in-store at leading retailers.